Article Processing Charge & Conference Policy

7a Faculty Conference Grant and Reimbursement of Article Processing Charge (APC) (page 21)
The policy has been developed to give faculty the opportunity of presenting their research at an international conference or to apply for a reimbursement of the Article Processing Charge (APC) of articles published in first quartile (Q1) Journals as per Scopus ranking.

Criteria for Conference Grant/ Article Processing Charge (APC):

  • Faculty will be either eligible for one conference per year or a waiver of Article Processing Charge (APC)
  • Conference cannot be during final exams period nor the current summer semester, if the faculty member is teaching during that ongoing summer session.
  • The faculty member should consult with her/his HOD to verify the importance of the forum where the presentation will be made.
  • The applicant must have a No Objection letter from the co-authors (if any) to present the paper at the International Conference.
  • Faculty must submit their request to the HOD who will approve it, after requesting the departmental research committee to evaluate the quality of the conference and ensures that it adheres to high academic standards (i.e. affiliation to a professional society, organizational body, academic institute, international publisher, industrial sponsor, etc.).
  • The request must then be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research before being presented to the Human Resources Department (HR) to be then forwarded for the approval of the President.
  • Upon return from the conference, faculty should present the following documents to the Research and Development Office (RDO) wherein a copy of the same will be filed to the HR:

o Boarding pass
o Hotel reservation confirmation
o Copy of the entry/exit stamps on passport
o Conference badge/ID
o Certificate of presentation (if available)


Financial support is determined by the designated conference location:

  • Zone 1: Europe (excluding Cyprus, Turkey and Greece), North and South America, Australasia and China, Korea and Japan: 1000 KD
  • Zone 2: Cyprus, Turkey and Greece, Africa excluding MENA countries, Asia excluding China, Korea and Japan: 800 KD
  • Zone 3: MENA countries: 600 KD

In addition, GUST will support the reimbursement of conference registration fees (receipt needed) for up to 200 KD.