Distinguished Faculty Research Award



Distinguished Faculty Research Award is an acknowledgment of outstanding achievement and success in research. This award highlights excellence in the research contributions of faculty members at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The distinguished faculty research award is to be granted every academic year to faculty members who excelled in research through their scholarly activities such as, publishing high quality articles in international renowned journals of distinguished merit.



  • To reward evidence of noteworthy scholarly activity that has brought immense recognition to both faculty member and GUST.
  • To encourage academic research at GUST.



  • A 750 KD monetary prize will be offered to each recipient.
  • The award is offered to one faculty member from each college at GUST.



  • Awardees are required to conduct research activities, such as workshops and presentations during the following academic year.



  • The candidate must be a full-time faculty member for least two years at GUST.
  • The candidate must not have received this award in the last five years at GUST.
  • The research activity that will be designated for the award must be carried out at GUST.



  • The Graduate Studies & Research office will send a call for nominations during the fall semester of each academic year.
  • The recipient will be notified by early May.



GUST faculty members must self-nominate for the award. In support of their candidacy, each nominee must include the following documents:

  • A one-page summary outlining the significance of the research work
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae
  • A letter of intent
  • A nomination letter indicating the international and national significance of the applicant’s research and impact in the field of study. The applicant must also include the number and quality of research publications in order to differentiate from other disciplines.
  • Proven record of research excellence for the past 5 years.
  • A list of research activities/scholarly work completed, published, presented, and/or exhibited at the national, regional and international levels over the last two academic years. This list is divided according to the following categories:

a)Research publications (i.e., articles, research reviews, critical reviews, reports, case studies, books).

b)Research grants (internal and external funds).

c)Peer-reviewed conferences’ proceedings and exhibitions.

d)Other scholarly activities (inventions, awards, certificates and funds received from other internationally recognized organizations and/or institutions).



The following criteria will be considered for the research evaluation of the candidate:

  1. Refereed journals.
  2. Journal rankings.
  3. Journal indexing.
  4. Scope and diversity of research/scholarly work.
  5. Level of the contribution(s) to the field and to knowledge.
  6. Extent of recognition/prestige brought by the scholarly work to the individual and to GUST.
  7. Total number of publications in all the journals, books, and conference proceedings.
  8. Research grants received.