The goal of the RDO is to support all types of research programs and all creative work developed by faculty members and students by fostering a research environment and encouraging the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct in research and development at GUST. The office also seeks to facilitate research by efficiently coordinating sponsored and independent research programs. Moreover, it promotes the growth of research and encourages the attainment of university academic priorities within GUST. The RDO plans to eventually support all research plans in each of the colleges and departments to ensure quality in academic teaching and learning through the growth of knowledge in each field.

GUST seeks to maintain a dialogue and facilitate relationships between the RDO and other institutions as well as external sponsors. Funding research programs is an important priority to ensure a flexible research environment in which faculty members can excel.

The RDO at GUST will foster a culture of continuous research and research management by educating researchers about how to maintain a research profile that will enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Along with developing this culture, GUST aims to provide research systems that facilitate research and development of knowledge. Collaboration among faculty will be enhanced to ensure optimal production of ideas and collaborative problem-solving through joint research, projects and publications. Ultimately, GUST desires to be regionally and internationally recognized for research excellence by academics worldwide.