Title Year Rank Source title Link
Star-shaped tetra- and octa-arylamine triptycene-based dendrimers: modular building blocks for blue emission materials 2019 Q1 Materials Today Chemistry Click here
In vitro spleen cell cytokine responses of adult mice immunized with a recombinant PorA (major outer membrane protein [MOMP]) from Campylobacter jejuni 2019 Q1 Scientific Reports Click here
Establishing a many-cytokine signature via multivariate anomaly detection 2019 Q1 Scientific Reports Click here
Rural Azerbaijan through Quantitative and Qualitative Research Lenses: Debating the Transition to Small Farm Capitalism 2019 Q1 Rural Sociology Click here
Measurement and predictors of resilience among Latin American public relations professionals: An application of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) 2019 Q1 Journal of Communication Management Click here
Improved continuous Ant Colony Optimization algorithms for real-world engineering optimization problems 2019 Q1 Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Click here
Conjugated copolymers bearing 2,7-di(thiophen-2-yl)phenanthrene-9,10-dione units and alteration of their emission via functionalization of the ortho-dicarbonyl groups into quinoxaline and phenazine derivatives 2019 Q1 Polymer Click here
Synthesis of secondary arylamine copolymers with Iron(II) clathrochelate units and their functionalization into tertiary Polyarylamines via Buchwald-Hartwig cross-coupling reaction 2019 Q1 Polymer Click here
A comparison of the relationship marketing outcomes of SMEs vs large enterprises in the Kuwait fast food industry 2019 Q1 British Food Journal Click here
An Arab perspective on social media: How banks in Kuwait use instagram for public relations 2019 Q1 Public Relations Review Click here
Key Dimensions of Alternative News Media 2019 Q1 Digital Journalism Click here
An exploratory study of the experience of VFR tourists: a culture shock perspective 2019 Q1 Tourism Geographies Click here
High temperature shape memory behavior of Ni47.3Ti29.7Hf20Pd3 alloys 2019 Q1 Intermetallics Click here
An integrated holistic model for an eHealth system: A national implementation approach and a new cloud-based security model 2019 Q1 International Journal of Information Management Click here
Writing an Illness Narrative and Negotiating Identity: A Kuwaiti Academic/Author’s Journey 2019 Q1 Life Writing Click here
Fostering knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization: The impact of organizational commitment and trust 2019 Q1 Business Process Management Journal Click here
Foreign language practice in simulation video games: An analysis of game-based FL use dynamics 2019 Q1 Foreign Language Annals Click here
An iterative finite difference method for approximating the two-branched solution of Bratu's problem 2019 Q1 Applied Numerical Mathematics Click here
Circulatory Levels of RANKL, OPG, and Oxidative Stress Markers in Postmenopausal Women With Normal or Low Bone Mineral Density 2019 Q1 Biomarker Insights Click here
The UAE's tourism competitiveness: A business perspective 2019 Q1 Tourism Management Perspectives Click here
Personality traits and complaining behaviors: A focus on Japanese consumers 2019 Q1 Psychology and Marketing Click here
Destination competitiveness from a tourist perspective: A case of the United Arab Emirates 2019 Q1 International Journal of Tourism Research Click here
What are the triggers of Asian visitor satisfaction and loyalty in the Korean heritage site? 2019 Q1 Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Click here
Optimal error estimates and superconvergence of an ultra weak discontinuous Galerkin method for fourth-order boundary-value problems 2019 Q1 Applied Numerical Mathematics Click here
Do forward-looking narratives affect investors’ valuation of UK FTSE all-shares firms? 2019 Q1 Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Click here
Bionetapp: An interactive visual data analysis platform for molecular expressions 2019 Q1 PLoS ONE Click here
Adaptive multi-parent crossover GA for feature optimization in epileptic seizure identification 2019 Q1 Applied Soft Computing Journal Click here
Formation of festival visitors’ environmentally friendly attitudes: cognitive, affective, and conative components 2019 Q1 Current Issues in Tourism Click here
Nobisque potius obaedire delegistis quam Hismahelitis: the political predicament of tenth-century Catalonia 2019 Q1 Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies Click here
An exploratory study of the relationship between software test smells and fault-proneness 2019 Q1 IEEE Access Click here
Oil sector spillover effects to the Kuwait stock market in the context of uncertainty 2019 Q1 Economics, Management, and Financial Markets Click here
Analysing the impact of trap shape and movement behaviour of ground-dwelling arthropods on trap efficiency 2019 Q1 Methods in Ecology and Evolution Click here
Circulatory pattern of cytokines, adipokines and bone markers in postmenopausal women with low BMD 2019 Q1 Journal of Inflammation Research Click here
A digital platform for supervised self-directed learning in emergencies: the case of the Syrian crisis 2019 Q1 Technology, Pedagogy and Education Click here
Clinical decision support system for venous thromboembolism risk classification 2019 Q1 Applied Computing and Informatics Click here
A new dawn for MENA firms: service trade liberalization for more competitive exports 2020 Q1 Applied Economics Click here
A novel method for achieving an optimal classification of the proteinogenic amino acids 2020 Q1 Scientific Reports Click here
A two-branched numerical solution of the two-dimensional Bratu's problem 2020 Q1 Applied Numerical Mathematics Click here
A worm optimization algorithm to minimize the makespan on unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times 2020 Q1 Annals of Operations Research Click here
American Muslim character cancellation: Framing engagement through the sphere of deviance 2020 Q1 Media and Communication Click here
An assessment of two classes of variational multiscale methods for the simulation of incompressible turbulent flows 2020 Q1 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Click here
An examination of the asymmetric effect of oil prices on tourism receipts 2020 Q1 Current Issues in Tourism Click here
Analysis and prediction of the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan 2020 Q1 Journal of Biological Dynamics Click here
Analyzing rater severity in a freshman composition course using many facet Rasch measurement 2020 Q1 Language Testing in Asia Click here
Anticipated emotions and their effects on risk and opportunity evaluations 2020 Q1 Journal of International Entrepreneurship Click here
Can you have your cake and eat it? Investigating trade-offs in the implementation of green initiatives 2020 Q1 Production Planning and Control Click here
Clustered Iconography: A Resurrected Method for Representing Multidimensional Data 2020 Q1 Sociological Methods and Research Click here
Cognitive styles and entrepreneurial intentions: A cross-cultural comparison 2020 Q1 Journal of Small Business Management Click here
Conjugated copolymers bearing 2,7-dithienylphenanthrene-9,10-dialkoxy units: highly soluble and stable deep-blue emissive materials 2020 Q1 New Journal of Chemistry Click here
Corporate social responsibility and intention to quit: Mediating role of organizational citizenship behavior 2020 Q1 International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management Click here
Cytokineexplore: An online tool for statistical analysis of cytokine concentration datasets 2020 Q1 Journal of Inflammation Research Click here
Decoding travellers’ willingness to pay more for green travel products: closing the intention–behaviour gap 2020 Q1 Journal of Sustainable Tourism Click here
Differential equation-based minimal model describing metabolic oscillations in Bacillus subtilis biofilms 2020 Q1 Royal Society Open Science Click here
Drivers of managers’ affect (emotions) and corporate website usage: a comparative analysis between a developed and developing country 2020 Q1 Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing Click here
Effects of Progesterone, Dydrogesterone and Estrogen on the Production of Th1/Th2/Th17 Cytokines by Lymphocytes from Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Miscarriage 2020 Q1 Journal of Reproductive Immunology Click here
Firm sustainable investment: Are female directors greener? 2020 Q1 Business Strategy and the Environment Click here
Generic predictions of output probability based on complexities of inputs and outputs 2020 Q1 Scientific Reports Click here
Impact of covid-19 on smes and employment 2020 Q1 Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Click here
Machine learning based energy management model for smart grid and renewable energy districts 2020 Q1 IEEE Access Click here
Methods of payment in US banks’ acquisition: efficiency perspectives 2020 Q1 Applied Economics Click here
Negotiating autobiographical truth: Embodying sensation in the narrative screenplay 2020 Q1 Journal of Screenwriting Click here
NGO online disclosures index in the presence of auxiliary information 2020 Q1 PLoS ONE Click here
No-wait flowshop scheduling problem with separate setup times to minimize total tardiness subject to makespan 2020 Q1 Applied Mathematics and Computation Click here
On the feasibility of using open source solvers for the simulation of a turbulent air flow in a dairy barn 2020 Q1 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Click here
Polyphenylene networks containing triptycene units: Promising porous materials for CO2, CH4, and H2 adsorption 2020 Q1 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials Click here
Power Outage Estimation: The Study of Revenue-Led Top Affected States of U.S 2020 Q1 IEEE Access Click here
Synthesis of conjugated polymers: Via cyclopentannulation reaction: Promising materials for iodine adsorption 2020 Q1 Polymer Chemistry Click here
The Arab Image in Spanish Social Media: A Twitter Sentiment Analytics Approach 2020 Q1 Journal of Intercultural Communication Research Click here
The challenge of new gatekeepers for public relations. A comparative analysis of the role of social media influencers for European and Latin American professionals 2020 Q1 Public Relations Review Click here
The discontinuous Galerkin method for stochastic differential equations driven by additive noises 2020 Q1 Applied Numerical Mathematics Click here
The role of asymptomatic class, quarantine and isolation in the transmission of COVID-19 2020 Q1 Journal of Biological Dynamics Click here
The role of pragmatic cultural schema in analysing public relations communication strategies 2020 Q1 Public Relations Inquiry Click here
The triggers and effects of migration from rural Azerbaijan 2020 Q1 Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Click here
Transformation of the media landscape: Infotainment versus expository narrations for communicating science in online videos 2020 Q1 Public Understanding of Science Click here
Understanding views on war in dark tourism: a mixed-method approach 2020 Q1 Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing Click here
(A)symmetric time-varying effects of uncertainty fluctuations on oil price volatility: A nonlinear ARDL investigation 2021 Q1 Resources Policy Click here
An Empirical Investigation on the Effect of Code Smells on Resource Usage of Android Mobile Applications 2021 Q1 IEEE Access Click here
Can e-government initiatives alleviate tax evasion? The moderation effect of ICT 2021 Q1 Technological Forecasting and Social Change Click here
Conjugated microporous polymers using a copper-catalyzed [4 + 2] cyclobenzannulation reaction: promising materials for iodine and dye adsorption 2021 Q1 Polymer Chemistry Click here
Crafting performance-based cryptocurrency mining strategies using a hybrid analytics approach 2021 Q1 Decision Support Systems Click here
Cultural Influences on Opinion Expression in an Online and Offline Context 2021 Q1 Asiascape: Digital Asia Click here
Deal-to-deal marginal efficiency dynamics of serial US banking acquirers 2021 Q1 Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Click here
Does board gender diversity affect renewable energy consumption? 2021 Q1 Journal of Corporate Finance Click here
Does innovation capacity reduce tax evasion? Moderating effect of intellectual property rights 2021 Q1 Technological Forecasting and Social Change Click here
EDiPSo: An Efficient Scalable Topology Discovery Protocol for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks 2021 Q1 Computer Networks Click here
Efficient and reliable forensics using intelligent edge computing 2021 Q1 Future Generation Computer Systems Click here
Euler diagrams drawn with ellipses area-proportionally (Edeap) 2021 Q1 BMC Bioinformatics Click here
Exploring halal tourism tweets on social media 2021 Q1 Journal of Big Data Click here
Fluorinated Iron(ii) clathrochelate units in metalorganic based copolymers: Improved porosity, iodine uptake, and dye adsorption properties 2021 Q1 RSC Advances Click here
Global economic costs of aquatic invasive alien species 2021 Q1 Science of the Total Environment Click here
Higher-order discontinuous galerkin time discretizations for the evolutionary navier–stokes equations 2021 Q1 IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis Click here
How does ownership by corporate managers affect R&D in the UK? The moderating impact of institutional investors 2021 Q1 International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management Click here
Is portfolio diversification possible in integrated markets? Evidence from South Eastern Europe 2021 Q1 Research in International Business and Finance Click here
Knowledge sharing as a give-and-take practice: the role of the knowledge receiver in the knowledge-sharing process 2021 Q1 Journal of Knowledge Management Click here
Leadership credibility and change success: mediating role of commitment to change 2021 Q1 International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management Click here
Linking network structure and dynamics to describe the set of persistent species in reaction diffusion systems 2021 Q1 SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems Click here
Measuring attitudes towards biology major and non-major: Effect of students’ gender, group composition, and learning environment 2021 Q1 PLoS ONE Click here
Mechanistic modelling of COVID-19 and the impact of lockdowns on a short-time scale 2021 Q1 PLoS ONE Click here
Modelling the damage costs of invasive alien species 2021 Q1 Biological Invasions Click here
Neural Networks Based Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter for Harmonic Elimination 2021 Q1 IEEE Access Click here
Non-English languages enrich scientific knowledge: The example of economic costs of biological invasions 2021 Q1 Science of the Total Environment Click here
Non-financial performance measures disclosure, quality strategy, and organizational financial performance: a mediating model 2021 Q1 Total Quality Management and Business Excellence Click here
Original Sin vs. Original Grace: The Adamic Fall and the Primordial Covenant 2021 Q1 Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Click here
Policing labour in empire: the modern origins of the Kafala sponsorship system in the Gulf Arab States 2021 Q1 British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies Click here
Regulation of Catenation in Metal-Organic Frameworks with Tunable Clathrochelate-Based Building Blocks 2021 Q1 Crystal Growth and Design Click here
Selective removal of toxic organic dyes using Trӧger base-containing sulfone copolymers made from a metal-free thiol-yne click reaction followed by oxidation 2021 Q1 RSC Advances Click here
Sizable iodine uptake of porous copolymer networks bearing Tröger's base units 2021 Q1 Polymer Click here
Structure and hierarchy of sars-cov-2 infection dynamics models revealed by reaction network analysis 2021 Q1 Viruses Click here
The Dynamic Links between Oil Prices and Economic Growth: Recent Evidence from Nonlinear Cointegration Analysis for the ASEAN-5 Countries 2021 Q1 Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Click here
The high-frequency impact of macroeconomic news on jumps and co-jumps in the cryptocurrency markets 2021 Q1 Annals of Operations Research Click here
The influence of Hanok experience on tourists’ attitude and behavioral intention: An interplay between experiences and a Value-Attitude-Behavior model 2021 Q1 Journal of Vacation Marketing Click here
The influence of Islamic Work Ethic on employees’ responses to change in Kuwaiti Islamic banks 2021 Q1 International Business Review Click here
The rise of contract cheating during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study through the eyes of academics in Kuwait 2021 Q1 Language Testing in Asia Click here
The simultaneous effect of firm capabilities and competitive strategies on export performance: the role of competitive advantages and competitive intensity 2021 Q1 International Marketing Review Click here
Three-dimensional random walk models of individual animal movement and their application to trap counts modelling 2021 Q1 Journal of Theoretical Biology Click here
Toward a holistic understanding of sustainability in corporations: Resource-based view of sustainable supply chain management 2021 Q1 Supply Chain Management Click here
Translating near-synonyms in the quran: A semantic analysis of three near-synonyms and their english translations 2021 Q1 3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature Click here
Verification Approach for Refactoring Transformation Rules of State-Based Models 2021 Q1 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Click here
A novel proactive controller deployment protocol for 5G-enabled software-defined Vehicular Networks 2022 Q1 Computer Communications Click here
Absorptive capacity and organizational performance in an emerging market context: Evidence from the banking industry in Turkey 2022 Q1 Journal of Business Research Click here
An analysis of OPEC oil production reaction to non-OPEC oil supply 2022 Q1 Resources Policy Click here
An efficient heuristic switch migration scheme for software-defined vehicular networks 2022 Q1 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Click here
An empirical analysis of young adult Kuwaiti nationals’ intention to travel to non-Muslim countries 2022 Q1 Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change Click here
An Energy-Efficient Controller Management Scheme for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks 2022 Q1 IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing Click here
Competition through environmental CSR engagement and cost of equity capital 2022 Q1 Finance Research Letters Click here
Copolymer networks with contorted units and highly polar groups for ultra-fast selective cationic dye adsorption and iodine uptake 2022 Q1 Polymer Click here
Creating Optimal Pockets in a Clathrochelate-Based Metal-Organic Framework for Gas Adsorption and Separation: Experimental and Computational Studies 2022 Q1 Journal of the American Chemical Society Click here
Digital disruption: a managers’ eye view 2022 Q1 Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing Click here
Does CEO Risk-Aversion Affect Carbon Emission? 2022 Q1 Journal of Business Ethics Click here
Earnings quality and investment efficiency: the role of the institutional settings 2022 Q1 Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Click here
Energy-efficient and secure mobile fog-based cloud for the Internet of Things 2022 Q1 Future Generation Computer Systems Click here
Factors affecting turnover intentions among Millennial public relations professionals: The Latin American case 2022 Q1 Public Relations Inquiry Click here
Hybrid energy-efficient algorithm for efficient Internet of Things deployment 2022 Q1 Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems Click here
Kuwaiti Women Writers and Anglophone Choices: Charting New Territories 2022 Q1 International Journal of Arabic-English Studies Click here
Lightweight, Effective Detection and Characterization of Mobile Malware Families 2022 Q1 IEEE Transactions on Computers Click here
Linking Entrepreneurial Orientation to Environmental Collaboration: A Stakeholder Theory and Evidence from Multinational Companies in an Emerging Market 2022 Q1 British Journal of Management Click here
Managing biological invasions: the cost of inaction 2022 Q1 Biological Invasions Click here
Mining halal food search pathways down the Wikipedia’s rabbit hole 2022 Q1 Food, Culture and Society Click here
Offline and Online Gender Differences in Opinion Expression about Women Inclusion in the Police Force in the Arab Gulf State of Kuwait 2022 Q1 Journal of Intercultural Communication Research Click here
Phenotype Bias Determines How Natural RNA Structures Occupy the Morphospace of All Possible Shapes 2022 Q1 Molecular Biology and Evolution Click here
Simulations to Teach Science Subjects: Connections Among Students’ Engagement, Self-Confidence, Satisfaction, and Learning Styles 2022 Q1 Education and Information Technologies Click here
Symmetry and simplicity spontaneously emerge from the algorithmic nature of evolution 2022 Q1 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Click here
The impact of e-learning, gender-groupings and learning pedagogies in biology undergraduate female and male students’ attitudes and achievement 2022 Q1 Education and Information Technologies Click here
The Queen of Sheba in the Sunni Exegetical Tradition 2022 Q1 Religions Click here