Welcome to the opportunity to improve your career potential.

The Pre-MBA Program gives the opportunity to move non-business bachelor’s degree holders straight into the MBA program at GUST by offering an introduction to the nature of business administration subjects.


Pre-MBA is a full-time integrated program designed to prepare students for the challenges of the standard curriculum. Business areas include; Microeconomics, Business Statistics, Financial Management and Accounting. Furthermore, the primary objectives of the curriculum are to introduce business fundamentals, and to add a competitive advantage for students to succeed at a graduate level.

NOTE: Pre-MBA students must finish their Pre-MBA courses within the first year.


Pre-MBA program consists of four courses:

  • ECON 400  Microeconomics

  • ECON 480  Business Statistics

  • FIN 400       Financial Management

  • ACCT 400   Financial and Managerial Accounting