I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to welcome the new joiners of the Master Program in Business Administration (MBA) to our campus. You embark on what I hope will be an extraordinarily valuable set of experiences here at GUST. 

Today's business world needs leaders who are highly innovative business professionals with flexible thinking, precise analysis and proactive decision making to overcome the business complex management problems. Thus why GUST ensures providing high-impact learning environment that reflects its belief in applying concepts practically is the key to learning.

We will support your endeavors pursuing your Master degree in Business Administration with rich knowledge of the latest schools of thought when it comes to managing a business that operates in a global environment. It is a powerful and transformational experience built around your strengths and aspirations, and this program will advance your personal growth and leverage your professional performance to reach your future goals.

The MBA program is composed of team projects, case studies, visiting lectures, special speakers, simulations, and the opportunity to attend a short course in one of our partner universities abroad. My faculty colleagues will provide you with core qualities in business skills by teaching you the leadership development, teamwork, strategic thinking and developing ethical framework to shape your capabilities and create a successful leader with bold and creative business ideas, rational and rigorous analytics, passionate performance and inner drive to always win.

I, and GUST community, give our sincere hopes of success in your career that makes an impact and a life of your choice.

Best regards,


Prof. Walid Bouhamra, GUST President