In the GUST MBA program, emerging business leaders can build on their professional experience, advance their careers and further leverage their successful contribution to their firms both qualitatively and quantitatively. Program participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of greater work responsibilities. The mission of the program is to nurture competent entrepreneurial managers, responsible business professionals, skilled leaders, team players and ethical decision makers. Being a leading private institution committed to the utilization of state-of-the- art technology, GUST realizes the importance of the graduate studies and is dedicating itself to offering a quality MBA Program that is flexible, innovative and allows a degree of specialization that enables students to go to further graduate studies in top universities.

We are committed to offering the students more choices, key connections, and a future they define. Whatever it takes to keep them current and on top of the business world, we are committed to providing.

Individual effort, teamwork, formal presentations, exposure to guest lecturers and networking are hallmarks of the GUST MBA. GUST's committed faculty, world class academic infrastructure, and national and international, industrial and academic links provide a rare opportunity and atmosphere for learning.

It is our pleasure to help our students’ transition into graduate studies and make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, regardless of their background. The Graduate Studies and Research Office (GSR) is available to discuss career objectives and options for you.

Dr. Kamaludin Dingle

Acting Director of Graduate Studies and Research Office