Kingston University Hosts Dr. Sali Hammad


Date: 7 April 2021



Kuwait City, 7 April 2021: Dr. Sali Hammad, instructor of Mathematics at GUST, gave a seminar to students and faculty at Kingston University in London, on her use of concept maps in class and their outcome in tracking a student’s understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Hammad was invited by The Special Interest Group on Mathematics Education, the faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, and the faculty of School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Kingston University-London. The talk was titled “Concept Maps and Mathematics learning: Evidence from Practice” talk was held on Microsoft Teams, and had 38 faculty members from Kingston University in attendance.


The seminar showed how the use of concept maps in the classroom can improve students’ conceptual understanding and mathematical competence. Concept maps are visual representations students create to connect ideas, concepts, and terms that branch out in a tree like structure. Dr. Hammad provided examples from the use of concept maps for assessing and monitoring student’s mathematical understanding. She also highlighted the importance of reflection and metacognitive discussions among students around their concept maps, and the teacher's role in actualizing the benefits of using concept maps in mathematics learning and teaching environments.


Instructor of Mathematics at GUST, Dr. Sali Hammad said “Giving a seminar on this research project was empowering and insightful in sharing my findings with other faculty. I hope others do take my approach to teaching and development as I do believe in the positive effects of it in the classroom. To be hosted by such a great institution like Kingston University is a great honor as well as representing GUST.”


Faculty participating and giving talks on their research and experience in recent years is a testament to GUSTs continuous strive for excellence in Kuwait and in the region and its focus to become a hybrid teaching and research institute. Recently, faculty members such as Dr. Fatima Al-Hashem, discussed education reform at the 9th GCES symposium, and Dr. Omar Moufakkir’s published article in Tourism Management, are all examples of how GUST strives to bring the minds to the community.