Dr. Salah Eddine Publishes Study on Work


Date: 28 April 2021



Kuwait City, 28 April 2021: Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Dr. Salah Eddine Arkadan, published a study as part of the “Heritage Facilitation Project” sponsored by the Egyptian General Book Authority, a subdivision of the Ministry of Culture. The study focused on the book The Unique Necklace and its importance in Arabic heritage and language.


The Ministry of Culture employs scholars and writers who can deal with heritage books and transmit the essence of their content to present and future generations without any alteration to the authors’ language or main ideas. The importance of the project is in making Arab heritage books available to the contemporary reader by distributing millions of copies within Egypt and abroad. The goal is to revive the Arabic language and the distinguished heritage books.


‘The Unique Necklace’ is particularly special compared to other heritage books in that the author – Ibn Abd Rabbu Al-Andalusi – has written the book with the intention to establish the Arabic language in Andalusia during the 3rd & 4th Hijri (9th & 10th Centuries). In addition, he aimed to link the Arab generations born in the far west of Europe to their eastern heritage.


The author likened his book to the pearl beads that decorate a necklace on a beauty’s neck. He viewed the Arabic language as the beauty, and the chapters of his book, proverbs, and Arabic/Islamic values as the pearl beads; hence the name ‘The Unique Necklace’. This metaphor eternalized the book and distinguished it in the heritage book literature.


The book is an encyclopedia of Arabic and Islamic knowledge that can be a reference for every scholar and student of the past, present, and future.


Dr. Arkadan is one of various scholars who have recently had their work published which is a testament to GUSTs goal of becoming a hybrid research and teaching institute.