Dr. Kamel Elsaadany’s Research Published in Leading Academic Journal


Date: 17 May 2021



Kuwait City, 17 May 2021: Dr. Kamel Elsaadany, Assistant Professor of English, of GUST recently had a paper published titled A Sociopragmatic Account of Religiosity and Secularity in Fictional Narratives which discusses the dichotomy between religion and secularism in writer Naguib Mahfouz’s work. Dr. Elsaadany’s paper has been published in Pragmatics and Society, which marks the first time a professor from GUST has been published in this internationally recognized academic journal.


Pragmatics and Society is a Q1 journal, indicating the highest tier of academic journals globally. It puts the spotlight on societal aspects of language use, while incorporating many other facets of society-oriented pragmatic studies. It also brings together a variety of approaches to the study of language in context, inspired by different research perspectives and drawing on various disciplines, for instance, sociology, psychology, developmental and cognitive science, anthropology, media research, and computer-related social studies.


The paper investigates the religion and secularism dichotomy in Naguib Mahfouz’s novels, which are shaped by cultural narratives that convey his ideas. It analyzes a defined corpus of Mahfouz’s body of work that articulate his notions of religion and secularism. Through an interdisciplinary methodology combining the application of pragmatics, interactional sociolinguistics, and contextual analysis, it aims to determine Mahfouz’s potentiality for perceiving and narrativizing religion and secularism in twentieth-century Egypt.


Dr. Elsaadany said “My published research work has a major impact on teaching syntax, semantics, and discourse Analysis to GUST students in the English Department. Being published in a Q1 journal is an enormous honor and I am grateful for everyone who has supported me along the way at GUST.”


Dr. Elsaadany’s published work showcases GUSTs continuous excellence and its goal of becoming a hybrid teaching and research institute. Dr. Omar Moufakkir, of GUST, has also had recent work published in the academic journal Tourism Management, reinforcing the GUSTs mission and tradition of academic excellence.