CLTR Organizes “Importance of Websites and Applications in Business” Workshop


The Center for Teaching Learning and Research (CTLR) at Gulf University for Science Technology (GUST) hosted a workshop titled “Importance of Websites and Applications in Businesses Workshop” given by guest speaker Approval CEO, Mr. Fawaz Al-Hamad. The workshop was themed around the idea of digital transformation in modern business and was part of CTLR’s workshop series.


The workshop helped GUST students to see first-hand the importance of technological tools and solutions, including websites and applications, to the success and sustainability of any business. Mr. Al-Hamad shared his knowledge and experience of using such solutions and how technology expands businesses and broadens the range of their client’s base.

Chair of CTLR, Dr. Noura Aljeri said "Digital transformation is one of the key elements to the success and growth of the modern business world. Technology helps make our lives easier by automating various processes and operations, accessing resources much faster, and remotely managing employees. With the vast expansion of mobile applications, websites, and devices, it became necessary to make all students aware of the importance of websites and applications to the success of any business. Therefore, allowing students to explore the latest tools and methods that will help pave their future career's success."


The Center for Teaching Learning and Research at GUST, organizes various workshops throughout the academic year promoting learning and development among students and faculty. Earlier this year they hosted a hybrid teaching workshop to help prepare faculty for the challenges of the hybrid teaching system. They also hosted a workshop on mobile application development with Teaching Assistant of Computer Science, Ms. Fatme Ghaddar to help enchance student’s skills in that field. These workshops are a testament to GUST’s aim to constantly improve and provide the best education and learning atmosphere for its students and faculty alike with continuous academic excellence.